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Related article: Date: Thursday, January 7, 2010 12 22 1000 42nd From: Steve Head u003csteve. BigPond holder. com u003e Subject : Using Ben u0026 Dan Chapter 4 T Common u0026 C, let me know if you want some or all of these stories for use staff! steve. BigPond holder. com Part 4 - Revelation Christmas Day could not be more excited, is gone. No more pain, no hits, no more humiliation. Ah, who could not be better! Running out of our bedrooms and up to the door of that room of Alex, who was eliminated quickly and to arbitration, he did not expect was the bust Alex masturbating, and go success in frightening fuck it. " You made me get scared," he shouted in the midst of a wave plate, "Damn, I'm sorry, not going to yell at you " "Okay Alex, " I assured him, "Seriously, it's okay, boy, you have to get dressed and meet me and Real Pedo Bbs that is brother in the kitchen is not good news. " When I walk out the door I go go around "Oh, and take the time, I know you were busy... umm, sorry" Path and closed the door behind me, AlmoDan walk ST "what is the inauguration shouts and hand. " putting my arm around her shoulders and kissed him behind the ear, allowing you laugh and squirm, " all children big right , is what the story here, go on the road to divert attention from the road. " given my boyish smile that I did not say anything. " You think back to in when he was 18, what do you like best ? " Faking a thought " sleeper" rolling his eyes, "not a baby, think of something else, something No you have made ​​on their own. " " Oh ooohhhhh "that finally sinks in" what surprised you? " its simple respond to laugh, Real Pedo Bbs " I'm afraid so, I I do not think it was an object complete either " hit me on the shoulder of Dan's game, I move my hand down for ass " shower, now, let go, if still hungry, we can pack Breakfast: n on the road. in the bathroom, I Dan evidence of the facts, his quick response that said " not much, which means we when we get there ", showered, dried and dressed, we find Alex in the kitchen"What is so important? " He asks. " will tell you on the road " as I grab the keys and go to garage. A few months ago, I changed the Dodge truck in a Range Rover Sport, Vesuvius Orange with 19 of the factory spec'd with black windows the great sound system, love is strong and fresh, simultaneously. that serve a purpose, even though up to the mountains and wants to define a with one of my neighbors, Malcolm, who is not only a classic British fan, but is one of the maneuvers principles, along with two beautiful hunting contest. as s all that becomes the nose on my way to the British at the end. It is a great neighbor. We opted for Real Pedo Bbs breakfast and go straight instead of Dan and Alex to skip ' parents. Roll up to the front door, there was no movement, no. " You are sure there is someone at home," I asked the kids, "said the Pope came to live, will be in the garage," said Dan, looking the window of the house to invest in the garage for. How can we do out of the car we were greeted with a familiar face coming out of garages " BOYS ! I will not be long, sliding door in the kitchen is open. " push the door kitchen open to its normal, typical. Granite Bank Tops, beech cabinets, stainless steel appliances (European n of course). The smell of bacon, sausage, toast fill the kitchen with the n wonderful aroma of coffee 's father Dan u0026 Alex walking in a short time after dass One would think that Dan 's father was surly and to down what occurred in the last 48 hours, which we received was almost like a child, delighted with grease smeared on his face and grew down before. "Give me a minute to take a shower and clean, I'll be with you, so at home" before N and closing a door almost " all Well, what the hell happened, Dad does not have so happy in years, and was the kitchen, which " leads to demanding tone of Alex, as we sit, went on it to eat some " Axe, Potato I have news for you, and wants that IYou will be " Dan looked at me from the corner of my eye," I saw that are n "Alex butt " I saw that, I know there's something strange going on ". \\ \\ n Poor Alex, slightly puzzled and afraid to be honest, I had never known a official of his father, the last time we met, I got the part as well. even n then she was here all conversation did not even know their parents 1. name. knew Alex ( her nickname, Axe, it's good, right? ) why me, the two children were from previous Real Pedo Bbs marriages, he married the mother of Dan was twice Alex dad widow ( Alex's mother died of cancer when he was 10), by what is in the path was a meeting of minds, souls... and earning less as, I think. Why not Dans u0026 know Alex's father 's name ? Easy, I never asked, and I had to use for and, so far, only Dan called him ' dad '. " what took so long," the sound of Alex increasingly home impatient. I lean over the table, "Hey Axe, what if your father n told you gay? "" Is that? " She sat bolt upright inhis chair "? is is not seriously not gay, not the old, no way " by Dan peaks, where I use says, "Well, he said it was concern us all and we know we have our doubts they had as good Axe.... "" fuck you, I'm not gay " he said. I could not help but mourn, I had to laugh , was either that or explode " You know, I missed the laughter listening to this house so long," leaned over the boy's father against the kitchen door. " Well, I'm happy to know that you do not, but at the same time, I still love being independent," his father walk on an empty chair and the seat n behind the table. "Okay, so you know wants to know why I called you here? " Prevention Alex on the table with concern, "Dad, do you? " "Am I what? " his asks the father. Acting more like a concerned parent, Alex No serious tone "Are you, you know.. like Dan Ben u0026 " " How happy ? His father asks Dan I stare at each another " I think I know what Alex is always " I have to add before it can finish the sAlex Katz says, "Daddy you're gay ? " All I can hear Dan groaned, " Oh No" quietly. " Axe, where do you draw from this idea? " His father is surprised either ot confused, I was not sure, "I wanted to tell you, Lydia and I of divorce and I just wanted to say, to not listen of another person, " Alex 's mouth is almost sitting on his chest for now "... However, Dan and Ben said.. "He tried to explain "said Dan and Ben, what? " asked his father, " I said to Dan, and told him not to say a word, but I had spoken for the first time. " " Ben, who have not completed properly, Karlheinz Rousch " extended his hand, " Ben Henrickson, you're not Rousch KH Karlheinz as European ? " Leaning back in his chair, smiling, " the one and the same "Finding a Dan" they told me that "Dan shrugs his shoulders and looks at me," Karl Heinz is my stepfather, my father, I know nothing with anyone other things that do consider themselves said " look at me smiling again. WOW, I can not believe, and looked at Charles, "They did work on my range Rover before you bought it, " This guy is a legend in European car circles, the best work of his \\ \\ s is the late 60's and 70 Mercedes and BMW. This man is a god! "If you still have the Pullman Landaulet ?" His expression changed from relaxed surprise immediately: " Yes... it's in the garage, Real Pedo Bbs where he was if you tuned". The shrill sound of the phone broke the silence, like Karl got up to respond to , who bent the ear of Dan " I wanna go take a look in the garage," Twisted eyes turned to me, "we can wait a minute, Dad has to done, " Alex pushed his chair back, "said his father, Ben and Dan I could stay in place for a few days , do not mind do you? "His father waves with disdain while talking on the phone. Amid the multitude of "yes " and it is all that ends the call, hang up Karl looks at Alex, " Axe Real Pedo Bbs go grab something to do with that as we move forward, to the "Garage casesTemente Alex is up and running upstairs to her bedroom. Ride the sliding door in the garage, Carlos leads the way discourses is, stories about how Pullman to buy as a construction accident and that s up all plant parts for Mercedes, is the master champion won twice in a row, in a few years will have a crack at Pebble Beach. Mercedes man this guy is an expert on everything I know vanished. Opening the garage door can I stop to pant. Mercedes Nirvana, the Pullman in champagne gold with black leather (Google, the car is actually no photos ) absolutely amazing, and that is a yes some of my favorite classic Benz " You know you bought Merc Dan, who was given the car when it passed the tests, it was high prizes, if you are doing something to make it let me know, "Karl a conversation with me and I still drooling over the steel phallus another great parked in front of me, "Sorry ? Um, yeah, no problem. " " I loveHis mother Dan, but it was a monster and I could not do with it. You cheated, as far as I Real Pedo Bbs know, but I I just wanted to go and put it on us at all times, " Charles in search of both of us, as he lowered his head," Sure " that meet both one by one, "Dan This would be difficult for you, is your mother, but I do not feel comfortable to talk to someone about this, " Dan shrugs and offers an indifferent "I do not his class as more than a person who has so little to do for me, and we know why the" Karl, you have to ensure " we have all this between we do not want the public out, " I slipped my arm around her waist Dan, as he pressed his body in his arms set mine to my waist. " Ahhh guna me prepare for lunch, feel free to look around a bit. " " Are not you angry that I did not say anything about Karl as my father, " I think Carlos wants to leave while he can No kiss on the forehead : "I'm more concerned about you and your works, such asAll this raises " the chin so that your eyes are Real Pedo Bbs level with me. him in my arms at the moment all I Real Pedo Bbs can do whatever I can to Dan, that throwing money for him I can not buy him anything about it. This was expected and loves him, Dan on the other hand, has other ideas, apparently his hand is massaging the small in my back and neck... mind busy hands busy Real Pedo Bbs it seems. I his head away from him, looks up, eyes intent with the passion, the you can feel what I am, parts of their attachment the body of another thing, so, where n is the hard rock feel pressed against my thigh. " Oh, you're so wrong," he smiled and shook his head " in the parents of your garage ? "" Why not, "he asks, ", we are not getting caught and also no one can hear or see us we'll see before we come out of the house. " Pulling in the back door open in Pullman, I prefer Dan crashed into the seat rear of the car to kiss hands on both sides of the head as mashed languages ​​ together and supported his hands, his upper body eithER side of my shoulders pulling her shirt buttons open a trail of neck Lamo to the navel, to take advantage enjoyed his smell, his muscles while moving around the is a more comfortable. " I love you baby so much, not really" be Real Pedo Bbs hoarse voice and brown eyes watching my every move. I love Daniel, I can not life without him anymore, as things have their place as lately it seems that we are destined to be soul mates for life. lean back to kiss him again raise his hands to myself, sitting in the office of s his knees, his bare feet on both sides of me, his shirt open your No tan muscular chest, haircut, and this juicy nipples, a hand and suck hard, along with what is hidden in his pants. I let my hands down both sides, feeling the contraction of the muscles to stretch and with his breath, his hands gently rubbing my cheek, stroking the side of my face, the hand of his s while caresses and plays with my ear draw a wayward finger to the open collar of the polo shirt, TuggIng raised at the crossroads, my arms, Dan fits a flick of his shirt over his head and throws it behind him, free access to what he wants. " I want to save something for later," I whisper, my mouth moves back of the ear tip to lick and suck on it, its always moaning more urgent. While my hands I have work jeans opened the unbuttoned fly open, revealing the black fabric of my pants down. It can slide up the hips, so that was established in the knees. his the mouth tracing the outline of my cock from her effort enabled Borders, driving his hot breath drives me crazy with desire. Roll Back Dan, n give up and leaning against the roof of his arms extended fingers hook around the top of the doors, so slowly to undress in his jeans. His breathing is rapid, with precum asking "please", I slowly pull his pants over his thighs, his penis slapped me on the forehead run while swinging up and down. Our eyes met and LIFTed my head and licked the drops of precum and then my tongue through the gap of feeling your body tremble slow licking his balls, sucking the skin and tense, breathing always n left each faster and faster, moaning and groaning, praying for me all the way job. "Please baby, please, please, suck me, " my hands on his roaming in the chest and belly, her pubic hair trimmed in a circle around my finger his hard cock of steel, a moan escapes from her mouth, Real Pedo Bbs as his head rolled again hit the car roof, a loud " OW " escape his mouth. accelerating the pace of my lips tightly wrapped around his cock, my tongue of its magic, devouring its tail to hear him moan and groan : "I roll in your baby's mouth" panting like breath Sprinter. The feeling of his cock hit the back of my throat, "Oh shit IM GUNA Milk " He sounds like he is almost hysterical last piston down, as I mouth deep throats his cock , a strong " ahhhhhhhh " like to have 5 Rapid Fire shotsits sweet thick sperm into my mouth, swallow it down my throat, "Fuck " was about all he could say was, before releasing the door frame. collapse back into the car seat Dan snuggled into my lap, pants is slowly deflating its tail around the ankles, I am inclined to kiss " I can taste cum MMMMM "her dreamy response fingers on his shoulders and chest. "God I love you", whispered softly, "You're so beautiful s " Dan opens his eyes and smiles at me, " hmmmm, so they are, I love you On the other hand," His hand sits on top of me in the chest. " do not want me to kill your baby? " He replies, turning his head back so I have in the face " looking Yes, this was just a beginner I have a surprise for later, you guna love it, " Dan's face lit with enthusiasm," Really? give me a sign, give me a hint, pleeeeeease ? " Looking back, laughing at him, " nooo I do not think I want to Real Pedo Bbs in addition," put his hand on my jeans, is still open and I'm still going hard I feel a wet spot pretty decent, as far as the hand is in the time, "resistance is futile," he replies. " Wait till you get home, " I do not want to ruin the surprise, but I will must be, if only to see the expression on his face. "We have a best move before our absence is noticed. " He leaned over and kisses Dan and his cock a gentle squeeze raises her hips as he pulls his jeans, Save and Buttons I rely on the shirt sleeve and withdrawal, which was in a ball mill at the bottom of the vehicle. Walking back to the house, the smell of food hits the nose again, Charles had begun to prepare dinner for us, " I hope you are hungry, not s more Real Pedo Bbs to go I made a mixture of any fact, no chicken, meat, vegetables , I Real Pedo Bbs made a German Christmas cake for desert. "I think Alex was with some work in your room, do Real Pedo Bbs not see or hear from him until we put a eat. Fortunately for us, eh, I had a tour of the garage of appetite, know what Dan when hungry,o The child is able to stack the food away, and keep practicing. We talked about food, Karl and I n trade stories about old cars that have owned, or our list of dreams of what we buy both Dans, filing is not as good as a S Streetfighter " I spose, but I love his passion for the passage missiles, as Karl says, Alex, meanwhile, spend more time talking to the SMS as your phone, just the occasional grunt or approval of it. Very soon, time to go. there any way to return home and defeat Dan of his Christmas gift, knowing that they will go crazy for it, in fact, so I... Alex load material in the rear of the car, then we say our goodbye y head back home, not 5 minutes into the journey and all that is \\ \\ n silently behind us, someone had his hearing and had fallen asleep in the back. Dan 's hand and hugs me about, while taking the path flashing lights outside the Dan features on our way. reeling wait until the door fully open, you mays of a large days. Alex turmoil in the back when the door slides back into his hand. I Real Pedo Bbs think that was " still here ", but it was all blurred in a word, the type of mrrweeereyet " will be like a light again, " Dan unbuckle his seat belt and leave the car. Get out and help with things Alex stairs I hear another murmur " gnite ", as he is in bed. Now I know that if you buy for your beloved, should instinctively know to buy what they do. No matter what, you would, right? Dan was too hard to buy, I do not exaggerate, do not want it to be underdo. It is not a massive tech -nerd, you have a new Nokia mobile phone, which has an iPod, that both are good laptops. Karl and Alex gave him tickets to the Big Day Out January. Closing the door to the room I see a big boy smiled : " to Yes, I something " step in my shoes, walk in robe, I was shirt, jeans and listen to Dan loses his shirt in addition to Real Pedo Bbs the earth Dan pretending impatience " I'vI was a good boy all day ", that pipelines high, eyes, sexy little smile, those eyes, in me to walk again The ride with a flat white box " Happy Baby I hope Christmas as if " He sits on the bed. Dan starts to open the paper, raise the lid. His eyes bundle with enthusiasm. " Oh, wow, I love " , raising a true Ducati Corse 09 Real Pedo Bbs leather riding jacket. I think I'm fine with that, is looking to the front to the ew grabs and tries to "fit perfectly" to admit that I drop, do good in it, looks good in leather bike in general, but it hot, but view with this jacket ? not like smokin hot competition. Place the head against the headboard of the bed, crawling on me Real Pedo Bbs Dan a evil smile on his face : "You Real Pedo Bbs look beautiful baby " sitting on my lap, which is fingers on my ribs, head bent over with both hands to rest on my stomach. "What 's going on? "I question that raises its head up in a semi pout his face. " I did not know what you get for Christmas, soParents scored unit n in the Gold Coast for a week " awwww, I know it's not a big win n For the moment, his heart in the right place. " Baby I do not care what thanks ! " He kissed her on the lips," When do you want? Did you know you to go for the new year? We can also take as Axe, you will love. "Dan raises his eyebrows, " take with you sure you want the ax I thought a holiday only for us. " All right, I suppose, " I spose Axe to stay with his father, only he thought , would be worthy Real Pedo Bbs of the need for time off and relax, I know you worry to look "referred in his face, waiting for his trial. in fact, , which in bad seems cruel bitch mother and the cause hell. " I know Axe is a big boy, and I know he can take care of himself, either n is less and less of you and you know, who idolized his big as it has brother, Danny, " I smile. this for another tickle fight both of us strip the bed and turns Tickling and not try to make a noise wake of Alexsleeping in another room. It ended with the two panting y panting, laying his head Dan on me in my chest. In the stillness of the moment to carry out, I n my ​​fingers to his cheeks his her tight ass and massaged gently stroking the side of the face on my shoulder, her warm breath on Real Pedo Bbs my skin, smell the leather jacket bearing his sweat mixed with masculine scent. We are both begin at the same time excited, I feel the Real Pedo Bbs pre cum leak of his cock slicking my skin underneath. His voice hoarse, "remember it's my turn to do to you, like you I have " a pleasant shiver down the spine sent, his hands and his mouth as a result of licking her magic to work on my body , the mouth and lips and sucking on the neck over the shoulders to my the nipple to make it as hard as a rock, biting my nipple to another always training your thumb and forefinger, pinch and knead until both are difficult toward the ceiling, the kiss of the valleybetween my Pecs, lifted his mouth the way down to my pubic hair, my hard cock oozing pre cum and rear touch. My moans and groans said how much pleasure I frankly this would be the best Christmas present anyone ever gave me, know where n pushing, massage, lick, suck. I mean, right now his tongue is flicker in my nutsac drives me wild, arching my back that I, the hands of his s are just above my hip bone and gentle pressure over this range of sensitivity , alternating between pleasure and pain the feeling of her wet tongue over my balls and fingers holding my body to use as it is soft tapping sounds, I take my hand on my cock a him some relief, as does gently aside, substitute " No child is my convert" your hand to shake my dick give more clear liquid mist from slot urine, mouth hanging over him, his tongue flicker on the peak. The boy is on a roll, which is holding mthe tail and licked my balls root n and one of his fingers teasing my hole. I'm in heaven, my hips rocking forward with your finger hurt that I feel more open my hole extends with a delicious sense of his mouth, alternately licked my balls and my tongue running its axis drive. Imagine your hard cock licking precum for his work his magic " Damn baby, I want to fuck me, fuck me baby, sucking my demands. He leans over and kisses me, his tongue taste my precum. sums up his shoulders and his reflection movements, leaning back, but I can not help me reach out and grabbed a handful of the human flesh, n thick vein and almost slow down my axis system hand facing up and then I see a clear drop shape, with my fingers clean I finger Real Pedo Bbs and " MMMMM up here," then lick it with my tongue. Dan ago when I read your hips, straddling the line Located at the crack of my ass, she rubbed the precum. fuck this feels Real Pedo Bbs good, Dan grunted grunting horny bads that tail arched her back, I love to wait for him, his inner animal bubbles to the surface rather than quick. Although judging by the action of Dan who wants to wait and came to position behind me, I saturated the head of his cock in my tight precum hole No, the same Dan raises his hips, I let his cock in my push ring n, fuck this feels so good, that keeps your head pushes the last slide in the wave open hole above me, I tremble as tightened. " That hurt? " He stops, grabbing my hips, halfway through his muscles been makes his cock swell ass " No, it's fucking awesome, " I moan, feeling that moves position so that its tail, which have as a starting point, I nailed ass muscles around his cock and his cock against my prostate y felt that I could explode, start to rock and back and pushed forward over his cock on his way to his pubic bone hard, are s against my ass with my cock to hit the stomach, so that the fall of liquid pre-cum. His hands brush the inside of my thiSGA got the thumbs under my balls and slowly massaged Prenium behind them. to be cum, cum, it must be so. I want to blow up a big sticky hurt my prostate is Dan always helps me line up his hips again I can not deal with it "FUCK I cum baby, shit, shit " Dan grabs jerking my cock and angry, " Damn, I'm guna cum in you, I guna hit his ass with my load.. fuuuuuck Fuck Fuck" pumping his cock a thick creamy load in my ass n, blow goes on strike, I can not feel, fills my ass s. " Jesus, Oh JesusFuck " a lot of my cock shoots cum into my stomach, load after load path covering my pubic bone down. Panting, I fell back on the bed and let the breathing normally again. Dan mix felt under me, pushed me to move From now soft beneath his penis n slide out and resting on its belly. "Fuck, the baby was perfect ", his laughter turns himself facing the opposite side and his head resting against the bed,ad. I make a dash for the bathroom, I clean, I discuss the plans for the future. Walking back to the room of s, I fell straight into the arms of Dan, I love the feel of his muscular arms wrapping around my upper body, her cheek touching my shoulder, her Hahn s embedded in the ass crack. My arms wrap around her, as we drift to sleep. somewhere in the night they had swapped places, raise his arms of his upper body, arms in front of mine and I snuggled into his shoulder, my tattooed chest rests on the back. His arm took me closer was a character that made him " baby in the morning " was the comment of sleep " You Baby " kissed her neck, and then get out of bed and in the bathroom. A dazed and sleepy Dan stumbles into the bathroom to urinate, while path always ready to pack up and head to the coast for our weekend. " What time wants to leave, " I wonder aloud bedroom. Hearing to go toilet color and the keys on and off with the feet of Dan againin the bedroom throw in some boxers to go wake up Alex. U003e From the bedroom Dan heard the door to Alex's room, followed by another heavy blow outbreak of the blasphemy of Alex, the teenage hormones Ahhh, I laugh I shy Dan goes back to the room : " No I think we guna scar him for his life you know. " Take 2 soft bags, luggage, walk in the in bed, I will do in the eyes of Dan sympathetic "Not you too, " Dan nods with a stupid smile on his face, " only this time got used to destroy the money -shot " over my mouth, and do not laugh, "OK, do not try to talk about it, , but the clothes they want to take. " suitcase full and returned to the kitchen for a cup of coffee before loading the hook car. A moody Alex enters the kitchen, opened the refrigerator door, take milk and a banana. Grabbing the cereal, coffee and sugar, so we come face to face " Ready to go ? " I ask. Alex is the kitchen sink with a strange expression on his face, " where to go ? What happening ? "Obviously n Dan does not have a chance to say what we do for the next few days. " Dan and I are going to drive between now and New Year, I thought I want to go to hang out with your friends, because they are down there "their eyes light up " awesome " and wish he had gone floor came when Dan black background singlet clings to the top the body, y black shorts cling to her hips, baseball cap and sunglasses in the hand, " you can see baby hot " cup of coffee in hand I kiss him " whaaa No Thanks, sir, "he says in reply. showered and in a muscle T -Shirt Navy, I pack short changed the bags and head down to the kitchen. feed the children packed up and ready to go, we luggage in the Range Rover and head to the streets settings for themselves the trip, Alex tubes in the back "forgot to tell Papas put surveillance cameras is going on in the garage, apparently, there insurance company, " asked Dan, and I am happy in eachothers with a guilty look on both our faces. Alex phone rang suddenly with a " Yes is listening and then leans between the front seats, it is for you dad, who is" To be Real Pedo Bbs continued.....
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